XYLE Toronto based electronic music producer and DJ. Electronica, electro, synthwave, cinematic, EDM, house music, rock, metal, punk, cyberpunk


XYLE (Pronounced EXILE, ˈekˌsīl) is an electronic music producer based in Toronto, Canada. He is currently on the artist roster for TW1 Records based in London, UK. His music has been featured on NewRetroWave, Nightride.FM, The 80's Guy, Luigi Donatello, Synthetix Sundays with Marko Maric, Beyond Synth with Andy Last, The Fratelli '85 Show and several compilations including Synthaid, Dream Electric, Steel City Collective, and Completely Mental Vol. 1. He has several albums of original music available for purchase online. He also performs live at various venues and DJs monthly at the "Synthwave Arcade/Electro Overdrive" event at Tilt Arcade Bar in Toronto.